The Generalized Uncertainty Principle in (A)dS Space and the Modification of Hawking Temperature from the Minimal Length

Park, Mu-in
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Recently, the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has been extended to incorporate the existence of a large (cut-off) length scale in de Sitter or anti-de Sitter space, and the Hawking temperatures of the Schwarzshild-(anti) de Sitter black holes have been reproduced by using the extended uncertainty principle. I generalize the extended uncertainty to the case with an absolute minimum length and compute its modification to the Hawking temperature. I obtain a general trend that the generalized uncertainty principle due to the absolute minimum length ``always'' increases the Hawking temperature, implying ``faster'' decay, which is in conformity with the result in the asymptotically flat space. I also revisit the ``black hole-string'' phase transition, in the context of the generalized uncertainty principle.
Comment: Accepted in Physics Letters B
High Energy Physics - Theory, General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology