Quantum cosmic models and thermodynamics

González-Díaz, Pedro F.
Rozas-Fernández, Alberto
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The current accelerating phase of the evolution of the universe is considered by constructing most economical cosmic models that use just general relativity and some dominating quantum effects associated with the probabilistic description of quantum physics. Two of such models are explicitly analyzed. They are based on the existence of a sub-quantum potential and correspond to a generalization of the spatially flat exponential model of de Sitter space. The thermodynamics of these two cosmic solutions is discussed, using the second principle as a guide to choose which among the two is more feasible. The paper also discusses the relativistic physics on which the models are based, their holographic description, some implications from the classical energy conditions, and an interpretation of dark energy in terms of the entangled energy of the universe.
Comment: 15 pages, 1 figure, accepted for publication in Class. Quantum Grav
General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology