The classification of almost affine (hyperbolic) Lie superalgebras

Chapovalov, Danil
Chapovalov, Maxim
Lebedev, Alexei
Leites, Dimitry
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We say that an indecomposable Cartan matrix A with entries in the ground field of characteristic 0 is almost affine if the Lie sub(super)algebra determined by it is not finite dimensional or affine but the Lie (super)algebra determined by any submatrix of A, obtained by striking out any row and any column intersecting on the main diagonal, is the sum of finite dimensional or affine Lie (super)algebras. A Lie (super)algebra with Cartan matrix is said to be almost affine if it is not finite dimensional or affine, and all of its Cartan matrices are almost affine. We list all almost affine Lie superalgebras over complex numbers correcting two earlier claims of classification and make available the list of almost affine Lie algebras obtained by Li Wang Lai.
Comment: 92 pages
Mathematics - Rings and Algebras, 17B65