Molecular Systems with Infinite and Finite Degrees of Freedom. Part II: Deterministic Dynamics and Examples

Sbano, L.
Kirkilionis, M.
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In this paper we consider deterministic limits of molecular stochastic systems with finite and infinite degrees of freedom. The method to obtain the deterministic vector field is based on the continuum limit of such microscopic systems which has been derived in [11]. With the aid of the theory we finally develop a new approach for molecular systems that describe typical enzyme kinetics or other interactions between molecular machines like genetic elements and smaller communicating molecules. In contrast to the literature on enzyme kinetics the resulting deterministic functional responses are not derived by time-scale arguments on the macroscopic level, but are a result of time scaling transition rates on the discrete microscopic level. We present several examples of common functional responses found in the literature, like Michaelis-Menten and Hill equation. We finally give examples of more complex but typical macro-molecular machinery.
Quantitative Biology - Molecular Networks