Near-Deterministic Inference of AS Relationships

Shavitt, Yuval
Shir, Eran
Weinsberg, Udi
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The discovery of Autonomous Systems (ASes) interconnections and the inference of their commercial Type-of-Relationships (ToR) has been extensively studied during the last few years. The main motivation is to accurately calculate AS-level paths and to provide better topological view of the Internet. An inherent problem in current algorithms is their extensive use of heuristics. Such heuristics incur unbounded errors which are spread over all inferred relationships. We propose a near-deterministic algorithm for solving the ToR inference problem. Our algorithm uses as input the Internet core, which is a dense sub-graph of top-level ASes. We test several methods for creating such a core and demonstrate the robustness of the algorithm to the core's size and density, the inference period, and errors in the core. We evaluate our algorithm using AS-level paths collected from RouteViews BGP paths and DIMES traceroute measurements. Our proposed algorithm deterministically infers over 95% of the approximately 58,000 AS topology links. The inference becomes stable when using a week worth of data and as little as 20 ASes in the core. The algorithm infers 2-3 times more peer-to-peer relationships in edges discovered only by DIMES than in RouteViews edges, validating the DIMES promise to discover periphery AS edges.
Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture