The finite-temperature phase structure of lattice QCD with twisted-mass Wilson fermions

Ilgenfritz, E. -M.
Jansen, K.
Lombardo, M. P.
Müller-Preussker, M.
Petschlies, M.
Philipsen, O.
Zeidlewicz, L.
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We report progress in our exploration of the finite-temperature phase structure of two-flavour lattice QCD with twisted-mass Wilson fermions and a tree-level Symanzik-improved gauge action for a temporal lattice size N_{\tau}=8. Extending our investigations to a wider region of parameter space we gain a global view of the rich phase structure. We identify the finite temperature transition/crossover for a non-vanishing twisted-mass parameter in the neighbourhood of the zero-temperature critical line at sufficiently high \beta. Our findings are consistent with Creutz's conjecture of a conical shape of the finite temperature transition surface. Comparing with NLO lattice chiral perturbation theory we achieve an improved understanding of this shape.
Comment: 7 pages, 7 figures, talk given at the XXVI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, July 14 --19, 2008, Williamsburg, VA, USA. Figure 7 changed
High Energy Physics - Lattice