The case for a non-expanding universe

Alfonso-Faus, Antonio
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We present the results of two empirical constancies: the fine structure constant and the Rydberg constant. When the speed of light c is taken away from the fine structure constant, as shown elsewhere, this constancy implies the constancy of the ratio e^2/h, e the charge of the electron and h Planck constant. This forces the charge of the electron e to be constant as long as the action h (an angular momentum) is a true constant too. Then the constancy of the Rydberg expression implies that the momentum mc is also a true constant. This is just the second law of Newton. The Compton wavelength, h/mc, is then a true constant and there is no expansion at the quantum mechanical level. General relativity then predicts that the universe is not expanding. It is the only solution for cosmology. The time variation of the speed of light explains the observed red shift.
Comment: 6 pages. August 2009
Physics - General Physics