Goos-H\"{a}nchen shifts of an electromagnetic wave reflected from a chiral metamaterial slab

Dong, W. T.
Gao, Lei
Qiu, C. W.
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Applying Artmann's formula to the TE-polarized incident waves, we theoretically show that the Goos-H\"{a}nchen (GH) shifts near the angle of the pseudo-Brewster dip of the reflection from a slab of chiral metamaterial can be greatly enhanced. The GH shifts are observed for both parallel and perpendicular components of the reflected field. In addition, it is found that the GH shifts depend not only on the slab thickness and the incident angle, but also on the constitutive parameters of the chiral medium. In particular, when the incident angle is close to the critical angle of total reflection for LCP wave, significant enhancement of the GH shifts can be obtained. Finally, the validity of the stationary-phase analysis is demonstrated by numerical simulations of a Gaussian-shaped beam.
Comment: 12 pages, 6 figures
Physics - Optics