Anomaly-Mediation and Sequestering from a Higher-Dimensional viewpoint

Son, Minho
Sundrum, Raman
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We study a five-dimensional supergravity model with boundary-localized visible sector exhibiting anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking, in which the central requirements of sequestering and radius stabilization are achieved perturbatively. This makes it possible to understand these various mechanisms in a more integrated and transparent fashion, mostly from the higher-dimensional viewpoint. Local supersymmetry, in the presence of visible sector quantum effects, is enforced by the formalism of the five-dimensional superconformal tensor calculus. The construction results in only mild warping, which allows a natural supersymmetry-breaking mediation mechanism of (finite) boundary-to-boundary gravity loops to co-dominate with anomaly-mediation, thereby solving the latter's tachyonic slepton problem. We make the non-trivial check that this can occur while dangerous loops of stabilizing fields remain highly suppressed. Our discussion is a well-controlled starting point for considering other generalizations of anomaly-mediation, or for string theory realizations.
Comment: 33 pages, typos corrected, added references, version appearing in JHEP
High Energy Physics - Theory, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology