Aligned electromagnetic excitations of a black hole and their impact on its quantum horizon

Burinskii, Alexander
Elizalde, Emilio
Hildebrandt, Sergi R.
Magli, Giulio
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We show that elementary aligned electromagnetic excitations of black holes, as coming from exact Kerr-Schild solutions, represent light-like beam pulses which have a very strong back reaction on the metric and change the topology of the horizon. Based on York's proposal, that elementary deformations of the BH horizon are related with elementary vacuum fluctuations, we analyze deformation of the horizon caused by the beam-like vacuum fluctuations and obtain a very specific feature of the topological deformations of the horizon. In particular, we show how the beams pierce the horizon, forming a multitude of micro holes in it. A conjecture is taken into consideration, that these specific excitations are connected with the conformal-analytic properties of the Kerr geometry and are at the base of the emission mechanism.
Comment: 7 pages, 2 figures, final version published in PhysLetB
High Energy Physics - Theory