A quantum volume hologram

Vasilyev, Denis V.
Sokolov, Ivan V.
Polzik, Eugene S.
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We propose a new scheme for parallel spatially multimode quantum memory for light. The scheme is based on counter-propagating quantum signal wave and strong classical reference wave, like in a classical volume hologram, and therefore can be called a quantum volume hologram. The medium for the hologram consists of a spatially extended ensemble of atoms placed in a magnetic field. The write-in and read-out of this quantum hologram is as simple as that of its classical counterpart and consists of a single pass illumination. In addition we show that the present scheme for a quantum hologram is less sensitive to diffraction and therefore is capable of achieving higher density of storage of spatial modes as compared to previous proposals. A quantum hologram capable of storing entangled images can become an important ingredient in quantum information processing and quantum imaging.
Comment: 8 pages, 2 figures
Quantum Physics