Strange Quark Contribution to the Vector and Axial Form Factors of the Nucleon: Combined Analysis of G0, HAPPEx, and Brookhaven E734 Data

Pate, S. F.
McKee, D. W.
Papavassiliou, V.
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The strange quark contribution to the vector and axial form factors of the nucleon has been determined for momentum transfers in the range $0.45<Q^2<1.0$ GeV$^2$. The results are obtained via a combined analysis of forward-scattering, parity-violating elastic $\vec{e}p$ asymmetry data from the G0 and HAPPEx experiments at Jefferson Lab, and elastic $\nu p$ and $\bar{\nu} p$ scattering data from Experiment 734 at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The parity-violating asymmetries measured in elastic $\vec{e}p$ scattering at forward angles establish a relationship between the strange vector form factors $G_E^s$ and $G_M^s$, with little sensitivity to the strange axial form factor $G_A^s$. On the other hand, elastic neutrino scattering at low $Q^2$ is dominated by the axial form factor, with some significant sensitivity to the vector form factors as well. Combination of the two data sets allows the simultaneous extraction of $G_E^s$, $G_M^s$, and $G_A^s$ over a significant range of $Q^2$ for the very first time. The $Q^2$-dependence of the strange axial form factor suggests that the strange quark contribution to the proton spin, $\Delta s$, is negative.
Comment: 21 pages, 2 figures, 6 tables, 63 references; revised to fix minor typos and to add a missing reference; to be submitted to Physical Review C
High Energy Physics - Experiment, Nuclear Experiment