Friedberg-Lee symmetry and tri-bimaximal neutrino mixing in the inverse seesaw mechanism

Chan, Aik Hui
Low, Hwee Boon
Xing, Zhi-zhong
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The inverse seesaw mechanism with three pairs of gauge-singlet neutrinos offers a natural interpretation of the tiny masses of three active neutrinos at the TeV scale. We combine this picture with the newly-proposed Friedberg-Lee (FL) symmetry in order to understand the observed pattern of neutrino mixing. We show that the FL symmetry requires only two pairs of the gauge-singlet neutrinos to be massive, implying that one active neutrino must be massless. We propose a phenomenological ansatz with broken FL symmetry and exact \mu-\tau symmetry in the gauge-singlet neutrino sector and obtain the tri-bimaximal neutrino mixing pattern by means of the inverse seesaw relation. We demonstrate that non-unitary corrections to this result are possible to reach the percent level and a soft breaking of \mu-\tau symmetry can give rise to CP violation in such a TeV-scale seesaw scenario.
Comment: RevTeX 16 pages. Minor changes. Accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. D
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology