Toward a Gigabit Wireless Communications System

Rakotondrainibe, Lahatra
Kokar, Yvan
Zaharia, Gheorghe
Zein, Ghaïs El
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This paper presents the design and the realization of a hybrid wireless Gigabit Ethernet indoor communications system operating at 60 GHz. As the 60 GHz radio link operates only in a single-room configuration, an additional Radio over Fiber (RoF) link is used to ensure the communications within all the rooms of a residential environment. The system uses low complexity baseband processing modules. A byte synchronization technique is designed to provide a high value of the preamble detection probability and a very small value of the false detection probability. Conventional RS (255, 239) encoder and decoder are used for channel forward error correction (FEC). The FEC parameters are determined by the tradeoff between higher coding gain and hardware complexity. The results of bit error rate measurements at 875 Mbps are presented for various antennas configurations.
Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture