Universal quantum mechanics

Giddings, Steven B.
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If gravity respects quantum mechanics, it is important to identify the essential postulates of a quantum framework capable of incorporating gravitational phenomena. Such a construct likely requires elimination or modification of some of the "standard" postulates of quantum mechanics, in particular those involving time and measurement. This paper proposes a framework that appears sufficiently general to incorporate some expected features of quantum gravity. These include the statement that space and time may only emerge approximately and relationally. One perspective on such a framework is as a sort of generalization of the S-matrix approach to dynamics. Within this framework, more dynamical structure is required to fully specify a theory; this structure is expected to lack some of the elements of local quantum field theory. Some aspects of this structure are discussed, both in the context of scattering of perturbations about a flat background, and in the context of cosmology.
Comment: 15 pages. v2: minor clarifying comments added
Quantum Physics, General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology, High Energy Physics - Theory