Spin freezing and dynamics in Ca_{3}Co_{2-x}Mn_{x}O_{6} (x ~ 0.95) investigated with implanted muons: disorder in the anisotropic next-nearest neighbor Ising model

Lancaster, T.
Blundell, S. J.
Baker, P. J.
Lewtas, H. J.
Hayes, W.
Pratt, F. L.
Yi, H. T.
Cheong, S. -W.
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We present a muon-spin relaxation investigation of the Ising chain magnet Ca_{3}Co_{2-x}Mn_{x}O_{6} (x~0.95). We find dynamic spin fluctuations persisting down to the lowest measured temperature of 1.6 K. The previously observed transition at around T ~18 K is interpreted as a subtle change in dynamics for a minority of the spins coupling to the muon that we interpret as spins locking into clusters. The dynamics of this fraction of spins freeze below a temperature T_{SF}~8 K, while a majority of spins continue to fluctuate. An explanation of the low temperature behavior is suggested in terms of the predictions of the anisotropic next-nearest-neighbor Ising model.
Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures
Condensed Matter - Strongly Correlated Electrons