Type-IV DCT, DST, and MDCT algorithms with reduced numbers of arithmetic operations

Shao, Xuancheng
Johnson, Steven G.
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We present algorithms for the type-IV discrete cosine transform (DCT-IV) and discrete sine transform (DST-IV), as well as for the modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT) and its inverse, that achieve a lower count of real multiplications and additions than previously published algorithms, without sacrificing numerical accuracy. Asymptotically, the operation count is reduced from ~2NlogN to ~(17/9)NlogN for a power-of-two transform size N, and the exact count is strictly lowered for all N > 4. These results are derived by considering the DCT to be a special case of a DFT of length 8N, with certain symmetries, and then pruning redundant operations from a recent improved fast Fourier transform algorithm (based on a recursive rescaling of the conjugate-pair split radix algorithm). The improved algorithms for DST-IV and MDCT follow immediately from the improved count for the DCT-IV.
Comment: 11 pages
Computer Science - Data Structures and Algorithms, Mathematics - Numerical Analysis