External forward shock origin of high energy emission for three GRBs detected by Fermi

Kumar, Pawan
Duran, Rodolfo Barniol
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We analyze the >100MeV data for 3 GRBs detected by Fermi (GRBs 080916C, 090510, 090902B) and find that these photons were generated via synchrotron emission in the external forward shock. We arrive at this conclusion by four different methods as follows. (1) We check the light curve and spectral behavior of the >100MeV data, and late time X-ray and optical data, and find them consistent with the closure relations for the external forward shock radiation. (2) We calculate the expected external forward shock synchrotron flux at 100MeV, and it matches the observed flux value. (3) We determine the external forward shock model parameters using the >100MeV data, and with these we calculate the expected X-ray and optical fluxes at late times (hours to days after the burst) and find these to be in good agreement with the observed data. (4) We calculate the external forward shock model parameters using only the late time X-ray, optical and radio data and from these estimate the expected flux at >100 MeV at the end of the sub-MeV burst (and at subsequent times) and find that to be entirely consistent with the high energy data obtained by Fermi/LAT. The ability of a simple external forward shock, to fit the entire data from the end of the burst (1-50s) to about a week, covering more than eight-decades in photon frequency provides compelling confirmation of the external forward shock synchrotron origin of the >100MeV radiation from these Fermi GRBs. Moreover, the parameters determined in points (3) and (4) show that the magnetic field required in these GRBs is consistent with shock-compressed magnetic field in the circum-stellar medium with pre-shocked values of a few tens of micro-Gauss.
Comment: 12 pages, 7 figures, 2 tables. Accepted for publication in MNRAS. Analytical estimates included
Astrophysics - High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena