Towards journalometrical analysis of a scientific periodical: a case study

Mryglod, O.
Holovatch, Yu.
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In this paper we use several approaches to analyse a scientific journal as a complex system and to make a possibly more complete description of its current state and evolution. Methods of complex networks theory, statistics, and queueing theory are used in this study. As a subject of the analysis we have chosen the journal ``Condensed Matter Physics'' ( In particular, based on the statistical data regarding the papers published in this journal since its foundation in 1993 up to now we have composed the co-authorship network and extracted its main quantitative characteristics. Further, we analyse the priorities of scientific trends reflected in the journal and its impact on the publications in other editions (the citation ratings). Moreover, to characterize an efficiency of the paper processing, we study the time dynamics of editorial processing in terms of queueing theory and human activity analysis.
Physics - Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Physics - Physics and Society