A general cloak to shift the scattering of different objects

Li, Wei
Guan, Jianguo
Wang, Wei
Sun, Zhigang
Fu, Zhengyi
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By introducing a concept of "minifying layer", we propose a universal device to hide the position of an object by shifting its scattering without scaling effect for a distance, independent of the direction of incident wave and observation. Unlike the previously reported similar cloaks whose configurations are relevant to the objects to be cloaked. The design here is able to shift the scattering of various objects by one cloak. Moreover, via adjusting the parameter of the "minifying layer", tunable magnifying or even minifying effect on the shifted scattering can also be achieved. The performances of the devices are demonstrated by finite element simulations. This design provides a more flexible way to shift the scattering of an object, and thus can be expected to have wide applications.
Comment: 12 pages, 5 figures
Physics - Optics, Condensed Matter - Materials Science