Hidden charm dynamically generated resonances and the $e^+e^-\to J/\psi D \bar D$, $J/\psi D\bar D^*$ reactions

Gamermann, D.
Oset, E.
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We analyze two recent reactions of Belle, producing $D\bar D$ and $D\bar D^*$ states that have an enhancement of the invariant $D\bar D$, $D\bar D^*$ mass distribution close to threshold, from the point of view that they might be indicative of the existence of a hidden charm scalar and an axial vector meson states below $D\bar D$ or $D\bar D^*$ thresholds, respectively. We conclude that the data is compatible with the existing prediction of a hidden charm scalar meson with mass around 3700 MeV, though other possibilities cannot be discarded. The peak seen in the $D\bar D^*$ spectrum above threshold is, however, unlikely to be due to a threshold enhancement produced by the presence, below threshold, of the hidden charm axial vector meson X(3872).
Comment: 5 pages, 5 figures, 2 tables
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, High Energy Physics - Experiment