U_A(1) anomaly and eta' mass from an infrared singular quark-gluon vertex

Alkofer, Reinhard
Fischer, Christian S.
Williams, Richard
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The $U_A(1)$ problem of QCD is inevitably tied to the infrared behaviour of quarks and gluons with its most visible effect being the $\eta^\prime$ mass. A dimensional argument of Kogut and Susskind showed that the mixing of the pseudoscalar flavour-singlet mesons with gluons can provide a screening of the Goldstone pole in this channel if the full quark-quark interaction is strongly infrared singular as $\sim 1/k^4$. We investigate this idea using previously obtained results for the Landau gauge ghost and gluon propagator, together with recent determinations for the singular behaviour of the quark-gluon vertex. We find that, even with an infrared vanishing gluon propagator, the singular structure of the quark-gluon vertex for certain kinematics is apposite for yielding a non-zero screening mass.
Comment: 8 pages, 4 figures. Version to appear in EPJA
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Nuclear Theory