Birkhoff normal form and splitting methods for semi linear Hamiltonian PDEs. Part I: Finite dimensional discretization

Faou, Erwan
Grebert, Benoit
Paturel, Eric
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We consider {\em discretized} Hamiltonian PDEs associated with a Hamiltonian function that can be split into a linear unbounded operator and a regular nonlinear part. We consider splitting methods associated with this decomposition. Using a finite dimensional Birkhoff normal form result, we show the almost preservation of the {\em actions} of the numerical solution associated with the splitting method over arbitrary long time, provided the Sobolev norms of the initial data is small enough, and for asymptotically large level of space approximation. This result holds under {\em generic} non resonance conditions on the frequencies of the linear operator and on the step size. We apply this results to nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations as well as the nonlinear wave equation.}
Mathematics - Numerical Analysis, Mathematics - Analysis of PDEs, Mathematics - Dynamical Systems