Masses and Mixing of $c q \bar{q} \bar{q}$ Tetraquarks Using Glozman-Riska Hyperfine Interaction

Jovanović, Vesna Borka
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In this paper we perform a detailed study of the masses and mixing of the single charmed scalar tetraquarks: $c q \bar{q} \bar{q}$. We also give a systematic analysis of these tetraquark states by weight diagrams, quantum numbers and flavor wave functions. Tetraquark masses are calculated using four different fits. The following SU(3)$_\mathrm{F}$ representations are discussed: $\bar{15}_\mathrm{S}$, $\bar{3}_\mathrm{S}$, $6_\mathrm{A}$ and $\bar{3}_\mathrm{A}$. We use the flavor-spin Glozman-Riska interaction Hamiltonian with SU(3) flavor symmetry breaking. There are 27 different tetraquarks composed of a charm quark $c$ and of the three light flavors $u, d, s$: 11 cryptoexotic (3 D$_\mathrm{s}^{+}$, 4 D$^{+}$, 4 D$^{0}$) and 16 explicit exotic states. We discuss D$_\mathrm{s}$ and its isospin partners in the same multiplet, as well as all the other four-quark states. Some explicit exotic states appear in the spectrum with the same masses as D$_\mathrm{s}^{+}$(2632) in $\bar{15}_\mathrm{S}$ and with the same masses as D$_\mathrm{s}^{+}$(2317) in $6_\mathrm{A}$ representation, which confirm the tetraquark nature of these states.
Comment: 10 pages, 6 tables, 6 figures. Accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. D
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology