The Modular Audio Recognition Framework (MARF) and its Applications: Scientific and Software Engineering Notes

Mokhov, Serguei A.
Sinclair, Stephen
Clément, Ian
Nicolacopoulos, Dimitrios
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MARF is an open-source research platform and a collection of voice/sound/speech/text and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms written in Java and arranged into a modular and extensible framework facilitating addition of new algorithms. MARF can run distributively over the network and may act as a library in applications or be used as a source for learning and extension. A few example applications are provided to show how to use the framework. There is an API reference in the Javadoc format as well as this set of accompanying notes with the detailed description of the architectural design, algorithms, and applications. MARF and its applications are released under a BSD-style license and is hosted at This document provides the details and the insight on the internals of MARF and some of the mentioned applications.
Comment: v2: add missing .ind file for index; 224 pages, 40 figures, 19 tables; index. A comprehensive description of AI and PR algorithms and data structures, software engineering design and implementation, and experiments. Source revision is maintained in the CVS at
Computer Science - Sound, Computer Science - Computation and Language, Computer Science - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Computer Science - Multimedia, Computer Science - Neural and Evolutionary Computing, I.5, I.2.6, D.2.10, D.2.11, D.2.5, D.2.2, I.2.7