First measurement of the magnetic field on FK Com and its relation to the contemporaneous starspot locations

Korhonen, H.
Hubrig, S.
Berdyugina, S. V.
Granzer, Th.
Hackman, T.
Schoeller, M.
Strassmeier, K. G.
Weber, M.
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In this study we present simultaneous low-resolution longitudinal magnetic field measurements and high-resolution spectroscopic observations of the cool single giant FK Com. The variation of the magnetic field over the rotational period of 2.4 days is compared with the starspot location obtained using Doppler imaging techniques, V-band photometry and V-I colours. The chromospheric activity is studied simultaneously with the photospheric activity using high resolution observations of the Halpha, Hbeta and Hgamma line profiles. Both the maximum (272 +/- 24 G) and minimum (60 +/- 17 G) in the mean longitudinal magnetic field, <Bz>, are detected close to the phases where cool spots appear on the stellar surface. A possible explanation for such a behaviour is that the active regions at the two longitudes separated by 0.2 in phase have opposite polarities.
Comment: 10 Pages, 11 figures (quality of Figures 7,8 and 10 reduced), accepted for publication in MNRAS