Dwarf nova oscillations and quasi-periodic oscillations in cataclysmic variables - VII. OY Carinae and oscillations in dwarf novae in quiescence

Woudt, Patrick A.
Warner, Brian
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We have observed dwarf nova oscillations (DNOs) in OY Car during outburst, down through decline and beyond; its behaviour is similar to what we have previously seen in VW Hyi, making it only the second dwarf nova to have DNOs late in outburst that continue well into quiescence. There are also occasional examples of DNOs in deep quiescence, well away from outburst - they have properties similar to those during outburst, indicating similar physical causes and structures. We discuss the occurrence of DNOs in other dwarf novae and conclude that DNOs during quiescence are more common than often supposed and exhibit properties similar to those seen in outburst.
Comment: Accepted for publication in MNRAS; paper contains 11 figures and 2 tables. This paper has become paper VII in the series
Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics