Destruction of Neel order in the cuprates by electron-doping

Kaul, Ribhu K.
Metlitski, Max A.
Sachdev, Subir
Xu, Cenke
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Motivated by the evidence in PCCO and NCCO of a magnetic quantum critical point at which Neel order is destroyed, we study the evolution with doping of the T=0 quantum phases of the electron doped cuprates. At low doping, there is a metallic Neel state with small electron Fermi pockets, and this yields a fully gapped d_{x^2-y^2} superconductor with co-existing Neel order at low temperatures. We analyze the routes by which the spin-rotation symmetry can be restored in these metallic and superconducting states. In the metal, the loss of Neel order leads to a topologically ordered `doublon metal' across a deconfined critical point with global O(4) symmetry. In the superconductor, in addition to the conventional spin density wave transition, we find a variety of unconventional possibilities, including transitions to a nematic superconductor and to valence bond supersolids. Measurements of the spin correlation length and of the anomalous dimension of the Neel order by neutron scattering or NMR should discriminate these unconventional transitions from spin density wave theory.
Comment: 32 pages, 5 figures; (v3) Softened some claims and added references; (v4) Improved understanding of translational symmetry breaking in superconductor, added co-author
Condensed Matter - Strongly Correlated Electrons