Approximability Distance in the Space of H-Colourability Problems

Färnqvist, Tommy
Jonsson, Peter
Thapper, Johan
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A graph homomorphism is a vertex map which carries edges from a source graph to edges in a target graph. We study the approximability properties of the Weighted Maximum H-Colourable Subgraph problem (MAX H-COL). The instances of this problem are edge-weighted graphs G and the objective is to find a subgraph of G that has maximal total edge weight, under the condition that the subgraph has a homomorphism to H; note that for H=K_k this problem is equivalent to MAX k-CUT. To this end, we introduce a metric structure on the space of graphs which allows us to extend previously known approximability results to larger classes of graphs. Specifically, the approximation algorithms for MAX CUT by Goemans and Williamson and MAX k-CUT by Frieze and Jerrum can be used to yield non-trivial approximation results for MAX H-COL. For a variety of graphs, we show near-optimality results under the Unique Games Conjecture. We also use our method for comparing the performance of Frieze & Jerrum's algorithm with Hastad's approximation algorithm for general MAX 2-CSP. This comparison is, in most cases, favourable to Frieze & Jerrum.
Comment: 19 pages
Computer Science - Computational Complexity