Damped Corrections to Inflationary Spectra from a Fluctuating Cutoff

Campo, David
Niemeyer, Jens
Parentani, Renaud
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We reconsider trans-Planckian corrections to inflationary spectra by taking into account a physical effect which has been overlooked and which could have important consequences. We assume that the short length scale characterizing the new physics is endowed with a finite width, the origin of which could be found in quantum gravity. As a result, the leading corrections responsible for superimposed osillations in the CMB temperature anisotropies are generically damped by the blurring of the UV scale. To determine the observational ramifications of this damping, we compare it to that which effectively occurs when computing the angular power spectrum of temperature anisotropies. The former gives an overall change of the oscillation amplitudes whereas the latter depends on the angular scale. Therefore, in principle they could be distinguished. In any case, the observation of superimposed oscillations would place tight constraint on the variance of the UV cutoff.
High Energy Physics - Theory