Transversity and T-odd PDFs from Drell-Yan processes with $pp$, $pD$ and $DD$ collisions

Sissakian, A.
Shevchenko, O.
Nagaytsev, A.
Ivanov, O.
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We estimate the single-spin asymmetries (SSA) which provide the access to transversity as well as to Boer-Mulders and Sivers PDFs via investigation of the single-polarized Drell-Yan (DY) processes with $ pp$, $pD$ and $DD$ collisions available to RHIC, NICA, COMPASS, and J-PARC. The feasibility of these SSA is studied with the new generator of polarized DY events. The performed estimations demonstrate that there exist the such kinematical regions where SSA are presumably measurable. The most useful for PDFs extraction are the limiting kinematical ranges, where one can neglect the sea PDFs contributions which occur at large values of Bjorken x. It is of interest that on the contrary to the Sivers PDF, the transversity PDF is presumably accessible only in the especial kinematical region. On the contrary to the option with the symmetric collider mode (RHIC, NICA), this is of importance for the COMPASS experiment and the future J-PARC facility where the fixed target mode is available.
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology