Modification of the $\omega$-Meson Lifetime in Nuclear Matter

Kotulla, M.
Trnka, D.
Mühlich, P.
Anton, G.
Bacelar, J. C. S.
Bartholomy, O.
Bayadilov, D.
Beloglazov, Y. A.
Bogendörfer, R.
Castelijns, R.
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The photo production of $\omega$ mesons on the nuclei C, Ca, Nb and Pb has been measured using the Crystal Barrel/TAPS detector at the ELSA tagged photon facility in Bonn. The dependence of the $\omega$ meson cross section on the nuclear mass number has been compared with three different types of models, a Glauber analysis, a BUU analysis of the Giessen theory group and a calculation by the Valencia theory group. In all three cases, the inelastic $\omega$ width is found to be $130-150 \rm{MeV/c^2}$ at normal nuclear matter density for an average 3-momentum of 1.1 GeV/c. In the restframe of the $\omega$ meson, this inelastic $\omega$ width corresponds to a reduction of the $\omega$ lifetime by a factor $\approx 30$. For the first time, the momentum dependent $\omega$N cross section has been extracted from the experiment and is in the range of 70 mb.
Comment: 5 pages, 4 figures
Nuclear Experiment, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Nuclear Theory