Test Planning for Mixed-Signal SOCs with Wrapped Analog Cores

Sehgal, Anuja
Liu, Fang
Ozev, Sule
Chakrabarty, Krishnendu
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Many SOCs today contain both digital and analog embedded cores. Even though the test cost for such mixed-signal SOCs is significantly higher than that for digital SOCs, most prior research in this area has focused exclusively on digital cores. We propose a low-cost test development methodology for mixed-signal SOCs that allows the analog and digital cores to be tested in a unified manner, thereby minimizing the overall test cost. The analog cores in the SOC are wrapped such that they can be accessed using a digital test access mechanism (TAM). We evaluate the impact of the use of analog test wrappers on area overhead and test time. To reduce area overhead, we present an analog test wrapper optimization technique, which is then combined with TAM optimization in a cost-oriented heuristic approach for test scheduling. We also demonstrate the feasibility of using analog wrappers by presenting transistor-level simulations for an analog wrapper and a representative core. We present experimental results on test scheduling for an ITC'02 benchmark SOC that has been augmented with five analog cores.
Comment: Submitted on behalf of EDAA (http://www.edaa.com/)
Computer Science - Hardware Architecture