Mass Spectrum in SQCD and Problems with the Seiberg Duality. Another Scenario

Chernyak, Victor L.
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N=1 SQCD with SU(N_c) colors and N_F flavors of light quarks is considered within the dynamical scenario which assumes that quarks can be in two different phases only. These are: a) either the HQ (heavy quark) phase where they are confined, b) or they are higgsed, at the appropriate values of parameters of the Lagrangian. The mass spectra of this (direct) theory and its Seiberg's dual are obtained and compared, for quarks of equal or unequal masses. It is shown that in all cases when there is the additional small parameter at hand (it is 0<(3N_c-N_F)/N_F << 1 for the direct theory, or its analog 0<(2N_F-3N_c)/N_F << 1 for the dual one), the mass spectra of the direct and dual theories are parametrically different. A number of other regimes are also considered.
Comment: 30 pages, purely technical improvements for readers convenience
High Energy Physics - Theory, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology