The VO-Neural project: recent developments and some applications

Brescia, M.
Cavuoti, S.
d'Angelo, G.
D'Abrusco, R.
Deniskina, N.
Garofalo, M.
Laurino, O.
Longo, G.
Nocella, A.
Skordovski, B.
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VO-Neural is the natural evolution of the Astroneural project which was started in 1994 with the aim to implement a suite of neural tools for data mining in astronomical massive data sets. At a difference with its ancestor, which was implemented under Matlab, VO-Neural is written in C++, object oriented, and it is specifically tailored to work in distributed computing architectures. We discuss the current status of implementation of VO-Neural, present an application to the classification of Active Galactic Nuclei, and outline the ongoing work to improve the functionalities of the package.
Comment: Contributed, Data Centre Alliance Workshops: GRID and the Virtual Observatory, April 9-11 Munich, to appear in Mem. SAIt
Astrophysics, Computer Science - Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science