Communication Through Jamming over a Slotted ALOHA Channel

Bhadra, Sandeep
Bodas, Shreeshankar
Shakkottai, Sanjay
Vishwanath, Sriram
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This work derives bounds on the jamming capacity of a slotted ALOHA system. A system with n legitimate users, each with a Bernoulli arrival process is considered. Packets are temporarily stored at the corresponding user queues, and a slotted ALOHA strategy is used for packet transmissions over the shared channel. The scenario considered is that of a pair of illegitimate users that jam legitimate transmissions in order to communicate over the slotted ALOHA channel. Jamming leads to binary signaling between the illegitimate users, with packet collisions due to legitimate users treated as (multiplicative) noise in this channel. Further, the queueing dynamics at the legitimate users stochastically couples the jamming strategy used by the illegitimate users and the channel evolution. By considering various i.i.d. jamming strategies, achievable jamming rates over the slotted ALOHA channel are derived. Further, an upper bound on the jamming capacity over the class of all ergodic jamming policies is derived. These bounds are shown to be tight in the limit where the offered system load approaches unity.
Computer Science - Information Theory