Generalizations of the Image Conjecture and the Mathieu Conjecture

Zhao, Wenhua
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We first propose a generalization of the image conjecture [Z3] for the commuting differential operators related with classical orthogonal polynomials. We then show that the non-trivial case of this generalized image conjecture is equivalent to a variation of the Mathieu conjecture [Ma] from integrals of $G$-finite functions over reductive Lie groups $G$ to integrals of polynomials over open subsets of $\mathbb R^n$ with any positive measures. Via this equivalence, the generalized image conjecture can also be viewed as a natural variation of Duistermaat and van der Kallen's theorem [DK] on Laurent polynomials with no constant terms. To put all the conjectures above in a common setting, we introduce what we call the Mathieu subspaces of associative algebras. We also discuss some examples of Mathieu subspaces from other sources and derive some general results on this newly-introduced notion.
Comment: Some mistakes and misprints have been corrected. Latex 33 pages
Mathematics - Complex Variables, Mathematics - Commutative Algebra, 33C45, 32W99, 14R15