Maximum principle and convergence of fundamental solutions for the Ricci flow

Hsu, Shu-Yu
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In this paper we will prove a maximum principle for the solutions of linear parabolic equation on complete non-compact manifolds with a time varying metric. We will prove the convergence of the Neumann Green function of the conjugate heat equation for the Ricci flow in $B_k\times (0,T)$ to the minimal fundamental solution of the conjugate heat equation as $k\to\infty$. We will prove the uniqueness of the fundamental solution under some exponential decay assumption on the fundamental solution. We will also give a detail proof of the convergence of the fundamental solutions of the conjugate heat equation for a sequence of pointed Ricci flow $(M_k\times (-\alpha,0],x_k,g_k)$ to the fundamental solution of the limit manifold as $k\to\infty$ which was used without proof by Perelman in his proof of the pseudolocality theorem for Ricci flow.
Comment: 15 pages
Mathematics - Differential Geometry, 58J35, 53C43