Chargino and Neutralino Separation with the ILD Experiment

Suehara, Taikan
List, Jenny
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One of the benchmark processes for the optimisation of the detector concepts proposed for the International Linear Collider is Chargino and Neutralino pair production in an mSugra scenario where Chargino-1 and Neutralino-2 are mass degenerate and decay into W+Neutralino-1 and Z+Neutralino-1, respectively. In this case the separation of both processes in the fully hadronic decay mode is very sensitive to the jet energy resolution and thus to the particle flow performance. The mass resolutions and cross-section uncertainties achievable with the ILD detector concept are studied in full simulation at a center of mass energy of 500 GeV, an integrated luminosity of 500 fb-1 and beam polarisations of P(e+,e-) = (30%, -80%). For the Chargino-1 and Neutralino-2 pair production cross-sections, statistical precisions of 0.84% and 2.75% are achieved, respectively. The masses of Chargino-1, Neutralino-2 and Neutralino-1 can be determined with a statistical precision of 2.9 GeV, 1.7 GeV and 1.0 GeV, respectively.
Comment: 15 pages, including 5 figures
High Energy Physics - Experiment