Time-evolution of Peak Energy and Luminosity Relation within Pulses for GRB 061007: Probing Fireball Dynamics

Ohno, Masanori
Ioka, Kunihito
Yamaoka, Kazutaka
Tashiro, Makoto
Fukazawa, Yasushi
Nakagawa, Yujin E.
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We perform a time-resolved spectral analysis of bright, long Gamma-ray burst GRB 061007 using Suzaku/WAM and Swift/BAT. Thanks to the large effective area of the WAM, we can investigate the time evolution of the spectral peak energy, Et_peak and the luminosity Lt_iso with 1-sec time resolution, and we find that luminosity Lt_iso with 1-sec time resolution, and we find that the time-resolved pulses also satisfy the Epeak-Liso relation, which was found for the time-averaged spectra of other bursts, suggesting the same physical conditions in each pulse. Furthermore, the initial rising phase of each pulse could be an outlier of this relation with higher Et_peak value by about factor 2. This difference could suggest that the fireball radius expands by a factor of 2-4 and/or bulk Lorentz factor of the fireball is decelerated by a factor of 4 during the initial phase, providing a new probe of the fireball dynamics in real time.
Comment: 21 pages, 16 figures, accepted for publication in PASJ