On the large-scale angular distribution of short-Gamma ray bursts

Bernui, A.
Ferreira, I. S.
Wuensche, C. A.
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We investigate the large-scale angular distribution of the short-Gamma ray bursts (SGRBs) from BATSE experiment, using a new coordinates-free method. The analyses performed take into account the angular correlations induced by the non-uniform sky exposure during the experiment, and the uncertainty in the measured angular coordinates. Comparising the large-scale angular correlations from the data with those expected from simulations using the exposure function we find similar features. Additionally, confronting the large-angle correlations computed from the data with those obtained from simulated maps produced under the assumption of statistical isotropy we found that they are incompatible at 95% confidence level. However, such differences are restricted to the angular scales 36o - 45o, which are likely to be due to the non-uniform sky exposure. This result strongly suggests that the set of SGRBs from BATSE are intrinsically isotropic. Moreover, we also investigated a possible large-angle correlation of these data with the supergalactic plane. No evidence for such large-scale anisotropy was found.
Comment: Accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal, 6 pages, 3 figures