A New Comparative Definition of Community and Corresponding Identifying Algorithm

Hu, Yanqing
Chen, Hongbin
Zhang, Peng
Li, Menghui
Di, Zengru
Fan, Ying
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In this paper, a new comparative definition for community in networks is proposed and the corresponding detecting algorithm is given. A community is defined as a set of nodes, which satisfy that each node's degree inside the community should not be smaller than the node's degree toward any other community. In the algorithm, the attractive force of a community to a node is defined as the connections between them. Then employing attractive force based self-organizing process, without any extra parameter, the best communities can be detected. Several artificial and real-world networks, including Zachary Karate club network and College football network are analyzed. The algorithm works well in detecting communities and it also gives a nice description for network division and group formation.
Comment: 11 pages, 4 fihures
Physics - Physics and Society