Dynamics and Hadronization at intermediate transverse momentum at RHIC

Greco, V.
van Hees, H.
Rapp, R.
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The ultra-relativistic heavy-ion program at RHIC has shown that at intermediate transverse momenta ($p_T \simeq 2$-6 GeV) standard (independent) parton fragmentation can neither describe the observed baryon-to-meson ratios nor the empirical scaling of the hadronic elliptic flow ($v_2$) according to the number of valence quarks. Both aspects find instead a natural explanation in a coalescence plus fragmentation approach to hadronization. After a brief review of the main results for light quarks, we focus on heavy quarks showing that a combined fragmentation and quark-coalescence framework is relevant also here. Moreover, within relativistic Langevin simulations we find evidence for the importance of heavy-light resonances in the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) to explain the strong energy loss and collective flow of heavy-quark spectra as inferred from non-photonic electron observables. Such heavy-light resonances can pave the way to a unified understanding of the microscopic structure of the QGP and its subsequent hadronization by coalescence.
Comment: Proceedings of the International Workshop on QCD - Martina Franca (Italy), June 2007. To be published in AIP. 6 pages, 6 figures
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology