Conception, realization, and characterization of a very high negative chromatic dispersion fiber

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Auguste, J L
Blondy, J M
Maury, J
Marcou, J
Dussardier, B
Monnom, G
Jindal, R
Thyagarajan, K
Pal, B P
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After a brief presentation of many possible solutions usable to control or compensate the chromatic dispersion of optical links, we report the simulation, realization, and characterization of a dual asymmetric core dispersion compensating optical fiber. The simulation stage, using a cylindrical coordinates B.P.M., determines the optimized refractive index profile of the dispersion compensating fiber (DCF) including the optogeometrical tolerances, like the effect of the central index dip obtained by MCVD process. The realized fiber is characterized by phase shift method to measure its chromatic dispersion. The dispersion coefficient was measured to be − 1800 ps/(nm·km) in the 1.55-μm low-loss window. A study of the propagation behavior and measurements of connection, propagation, and bending losses of this fiber are also presented.
chromatic dispersion, optical links, dual asymmetric core, compensating fiber, optogeometrical tolerances, central index dip, bending losses, connection, propagation