Collection and Services in Children’s Section of the Public Libraries in Chandigarh

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PEARL - A Journal of Library and Information Science
Being a most modernised and well planned city of India, it is a feather in a cap that it has finest government and non-government libraries. Public libraries play a greater role in dissemination of information to every user irrespective of his/her gender, age, profession, status etc. The public libraries play a vital role in providing services to the children. All children in a community have a right to access the information through the public libraries. The objective of this study is to judge the existing facilities and services offered to children in the public libraries in Chandigarh and to determine the individual characteristics and use behaviour of the child-member. For collecting data the survey method is used and the present study is carried out in those public libraries that have separate children’s section. The study shows that percentage of the children that are utilising the library facilities and services are less as compared with other categories. But public libraries are putting in lots of efforts to encourage the children to come in the library.