Sun City, steps ahead of the others

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(1) Developers (a) Sanhe Group Company (b) China Treasure Enterprise Ltd. ( A subsidiary of Hong Kong Kiu Yin Investment Co., Ltd.) (2) Clement Mak, Developer (3) Anthony Hackett, Architect (4) Alan Zie Yongder, Design and Marketing Director (5) Proposed development of Sun City, Huiyang (a) Master Plan Concepts (i) Developers (ii) Architect (iii) Design & Marketing (6) Issues addressed in the revised master plan (a) The master plan urban expansion and decentralization (b) Central areas (i) The Town Centre (c) Central areas (i) Civic Spaces (d) Central areas (i) Shopping Centres (e) Industry (f) Housing (i) The neighbourhood (g) Housing (i) Layout with houses (h) Analysis (i) Circulation - Road network (j) Circulation (i) Point of entry and distribution (k) Servicing (i) Water management and Flood Control (ii) Ancillary services (l) Landscaping (i) Foothills (ii) Water (iii) Landscape Parks (iv) Retained Knolls (m) Phasing (i) The five phases and their interdependence (7) The concept master town plan for Sun City (8) Industrial zones and access (9) Landscaping, open areas and residential zones (10) Major access roads/ entrances (11) Water management and services (12) Phasing (13) Planning concepts (14) Plan concept description (15) Geometry evolution (16) Phase I master plan - description (17) Phase I master planning - analysis (18) The entrance building (19) Structure (a) The overall structural concept (b) The glazed dome (20) Industrial buildings - The science business park (21) Approach to future building types (22) Appendix: site location