Multichannel ARMA modeling by least squares circular lattice filtering

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Chakraborty, M
Prasad, S
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The paper makes an attempt to develop least squares lattice algorithms for the ARMA modeling of a linear, slowly time-varying, multichannel system employing scalar computations only. Using an equivalent scalar, periodic ARMA model and a circular delay operator, the signal set for each channel is defined in terms of circularly delayed input and output vectors corresponding to that channel. The orthogonal projection of each current output vector on the subspace spanned by the corresponding signal set is then computed in a manner that allows independent AR and MA order recursions. The resulting lattice algorithm can be implemented in a parallel architecture employing one processor per channel with the data flowing amongst them in a circular manner. The evaluation of the ARMA parameters from the lattice coefficients follows the usual step-up algorithmic approach but requires, in addition, the circulation of certain variables across the processors since the signal sets become linearly dependent beyond certain stages. The proposed algorithm can also be used to estimate a process from two correlated, multichannel processes adaptively allowing the filter orders for both the processes to be chosen independently of each other. This feature is further exploited for ARMA modeling a given multichannel time series with unknown, white input
squares lattice algorithms, subspace spanned, ARMA parameters