Technology-Enabled Learning: Policy, Pedagogy and Practice

Sanjaya, Mishra
Santosh, Panda
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
Teaching and learning have undergone considerable transformation from the traditional classroom model to the current online and blended models. Developments in information and communications technologies hold the key to such transformation. Seizing the opportunities and affordances of these technologies, COL’s Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL) initiative has focused on several activities to support governments and educational institutions in the Commonwealth since July 2015. // Significant and sustainable interventions include: the Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action programme; ICT in education policy development, including open educational resources policy and implementation; massive open online courses on TEL and blended learning practices; systematic TEL implementation in educational institutions; and advanced ICT skills development. // Technology-Enabled Learning: Policy, Pedagogy and Practice, based mostly on various TEL projects in the last five years, presents diverse experiences of TEL from a critical research perspective, offering lessons that can be deployed elsewhere. The book’s 17 chapters provide success stories about the planned and systematic integration of technology in teaching and learning, and present models for online training at scale using massive open online courses and other platforms. Within the framework of the policy–technology–capacity approach to TEL implementation at the micro, meso and macro levels, the chapters also provide guidelines for researching and evaluating similar projects and interventions. // In the post-COVID-19 world of education, the lessons learnt and recommendations in this book will help policy makers and educational leaders rethink existing models of education and training.
Technology-Enabled learning (TEL) , ICT in Education , Policies , Pedagogy , Open Educational Resources (OER) , Research