Functional networks for CAD problems

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Chandra, B
Singh, S P
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There are some basic real life problems that cannot be solved using classical mathematical techniques. In this paper functional networks have been effectively used to solve practical CAD problems related to plant engineering industry. Modular construction of plants is becoming popular due to severe weather conditions at plant sites. The modules are transported to and assembled at the actual plant site. The temporary structure should be safe during lifting. For this, it is essential to find the rotation position of the model once it is lifted. This rotation position will depend on the center of gravity of the module and the center of rotation about which the module will rotate. If cables meet at a point then this will be the point of rotation. If they do not meet then there is no classical mathematical technique available to find the center of rotation. In this paper functional networks have been successfully applied to solve this problem
CAD problems, plant engineering industry, rotation position