Issues in Indian languages computing in particular reference to search and retrieval in Telugu language

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Devika P. Madalli, Dimple Patel
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Emerald Group Publishing Limited
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the various issues involved in Indian languages computing, particularly Telugu, like creating, displaying, searching and retrieving digital content. The paper also aims to emphasize the issues involved in retrieval in Indian languages. The complexities presented by the grammar, syntax and morphology of Indian languages are discussed .With existing technologies libraries can now build online catalogues in the language of the documents or build digital repositories with content in various Indian languages.Though a few library automation software like NewGenLib and digital library software like DSpace,etc. are offering Unicode support for Indian languages, they do not allow for different types of search such as truncation search, word variants, etc. The present study is a step towards developingalgorithms for indexing and searching in Indian languages .